What information should be included in the description of your farm?

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Before you get to know the members during the collection, they get to you know you on the platform based on your profile picture, as well as the company and product descriptions and your information under "My professions and practices". Based on this, customers decide if they want to order your products online.

It is therefore particularly important to introduce yourself with an honest and vivid description of your company. Transparency and trust are the core concepts of The Food Assembly!

You can fill in your company's description in your producer folder under "Profile

We  appreciate a detailed description of the company, the environment, cultivation and production methods, your philosophy and what makes you and your company special.
We want to understand how our food is made, where its ingredients come from, and how we can create awareness of food production and agriculture.

  • Where does the flour for the bread come from? How is the bread made and where is it baked?
  • Are the vegetables grown conventionally?
  • How are the animals kept? How many animals are kept? Which breed is it and which feed is given to the animals? Where does the feed come from?
  • Where do the ingredients for jams, juices and gourmet foods come from?
  • Why this way and not any other?

Even if all your products come from certified organic cultivation, you should give the customer a clear idea of ​​how the food is produced in your description of your company.

Before being validated and able to actively participate in a sale, every producer's description is checked to see if it is complete. The producer will only be validated once its description is complete.

The term "organic" is legally protected and may only be used if backed by a valid certificate.

In addition, the list of ingredients, allergens and, if applicable, the origin of the ingredients must be included in the product description of processed products. More about this can be found here: How do I create an attractive offer?

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