What does my week with The Food Assembly look like?

Food Assembly Support -

Your customers - the members of the Food Assembly that you supply - can order online for at least 72 hours, usually up to seven days. Payment is made online in advance. The sale ends at midnight two days before the collection, giving you plenty of time to prepare the orders. At the end of the sale, your order summary will be automatically generated by the platform and sent to you.

If you have set a minimum order amount and it has not been reached, you can decide shortly after the end of the sale to deliver anyway (more details can be found here). If you decide not to deliver, the money will be refunded automatically to the customers.

The collection takes place every week at the same time and place. The host is responsible for the organisation on site. Producers bring only what was ordered online. There is no sale on site. The customers come to the Food Assembly during the pre-defined period and pick up the products with their order number.

Following the collection, the host confirms on the platform that all products have been handed over. If products have not been delivered, for example, because something was damaged during transport, the host will cancel this product on the platform. Only when the host confirms the collection will the payouts of the sales to the producers and, if applicable, refunds to the members be processed. Invoices are then available to producers, hosts and members - they and can be downloaded from the user accounts. Orders that were not collected (forgotten) by the members for no given reason will not be cancelled.

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