How can I buy, give away or redeem a Gift Card?

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What is a Food Assembly Gift Card?

Food Assembly Gift Cards are vouchers to give as a gift or use yourself. You can buy up to ten Gift Cards hereOnly condition: you or the recipient need to be registered as a member of The Food Assembly.

How can I buy a Food Assembly Gift Card?

You can reach the Gift Card section by clicking on your name in the upper right corner of your account and then on "Buy a Gift Card". 




Select the desired value of your Gift Card and the desired quantity. You can choose between a £5, £10, £20, £30, £40, £50, £100, £250 or £500 value and buy 1 or up to 10 Gift Cards at once.




Once that is done, you need to choose your desired method of payment. You can pay by credit or debit card. Click "Continue" after entering your payment details.

You will then be prompted to check your order before confirming the payment. If necessary, you can change your order again at this point. Click on "Pay £XX.XX" to buy your Gift Cards.


Once your payment has been processed, you will receive an email to the address linked to your user account. This email contains your coupon code and attached you will find a .pdf version of your Gift Card as well as your invoice.

How can I redeem my Food Assembly Gift Card?

After having added products to your basket during an ongoing online market of your local Food Assembly, you can choose the option “Enter coupon code” as payment method for your order. Screen_Shot_2018-05-09_at_11.06.19.png

Then simply enter the 9 characters of your Gift Card code.


If the total amount of your order is lower than the value of your Gift Card, the balance will be credited to your user account for future orders. Find out more here

If the total amount of your order is higher than the value of your Gift Card, you can pay the outstanding difference with the usual means of payment. Find out more here.

How do I give away a Food Assembly Gift Card?

You can either forward the email with the coupon code and the attached .pdf file (Tip: perhaps leave out the invoice) to the recipient of your choice or print the .pdf file and fill it out by hand. It contains an empty space for a personal message such as a few congratulatory words.


Frequently asked questions about Gift Cards

How long is a Gift Card valid?

Gift Cards are generally valid for one year.

Which Food Assemblies accept Gift Cards as payment?

Gift Cards can be redeemed in all Food Assemblies across the UK.

Are Gift Cards valid for all purchases?

Yes, Gift Cards can be used for all purchases - regardless of the order amount.

Are Gift Cards transferable?

Yes, Gift Cards are not bound to you personally and therefore transferable. It is up to you to decide whom to give your Gift Card/coupon code to.

Can the value of the Gift Card be paid out to me?

No, the Gift Card value can not be paid out.

Where can I find the T’s and C’s for the Gift Cards?

You can find the Terms and Conditions here.

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