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What is the Christmas pre-order online market?


  • This year, for Christmas celebrations, hosts will be able to launch a pre-order online market from the 15th of November.  This online market will be open for a maximum of 39 days and the collection will need to take place between the 12th and the 24th of December 2016.


  • You will be able to offer products that need to be prepared in advance or have the orders confirmed some time before the collection (i.e. turkeys or other Christmas birds).


  • From a member point of view, two online market headers will be displayed on the front page, with two different collection dates. The pre-order online market will be displayed with a special header to make it stand out.


What is the advantage of taking part in the pre-order online market?


This special pre-order online market will allow you to offer special Christmas products that require you to secure a certain amount of orders over a longer time period. It allows you more flexibility to optimise your stock and sales through an extended online market period.

If you deliver various Assemblies beware that they might not all have the special Christmas collection in the week before Christmas but potentially in the week before, too. It's important to clarify this with each Host. 

In the case that you need to take off some products before the end of this special Christmas online market, you are free to do so of course, but do let the host know so that they can announce the last day to order these products to Members and get those orders in. 


How can I take part in the Christmas pre-order online market?


All hosts wishing to take part in the Christmas special will be getting in touch with you about this. You can of course also contact them directly and let them know which day/week would be your preferred choice for the special Christmas collection.  

And remember to let your host know too if you need to take out some products before the end of the Christmas market. We also advise to clarify this in the product description, ie. say 'The sale of this goose will close on the 15th of December so make sure to place your order before that!'

If you add any new products, also let your hosts know so they can include them and announce any new additions to members!


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