FAQs – Special Christmas 'Pre-order' Online Market

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What is the Christmas pre-order online market?


  • This year, for your Christmas celebrations, you will be able to launch a pre-order online market from the 15th of November onwards.  This online market will be open for a maximum of 39 days and the collection will need to take place between the 12th and the 24th of December 2016. Make sure to inform all your producers about which week & date you chose the special Christmas collection to be.


  • This will allow you to accumulate orders over a few weeks and offer products that need more preparation time than usual (i.e. Christmas birds).


  • From a member point of view, two online market headers will be displayed on the front page, with two different collection dates. The pre-order online market will be displayed with a special header to make it stand out.


What are the advantages of a special Christmas online market?


  • For producers: This extended Christmas market will allow producers who offer special Christmas products (geese, turkey, Christmas puddings, mince pies…) to accumulate orders over a longer period of time and optimise their stock in advance. It also helps them to offer the widest range of products possible to members.
  • For members: The feature allows them to prepare a bigger Christmas order further in advance  and make sure they will get all ingredients needed for their Christmas dinner. 


How can I select a Christmas pre-order online market?


  • For more information on the technicalities, follow these instructions.


How can I communicate this special Christmas online market to my members?


  • As usual, you will send an online market launch message (i.e. launch message sent on the 23/11 for a collection on the 23/12).


  • The idea is to coordinate this with your producers who are interested in offering some special Christmas products in advance. Of course you can include the usual products in this online market too. The most important thing is that producers let you know if certain products need to be taken off before the end of the sales. In that case this should be clarified in the product description and you can send a reminder to members to order these products on time, too. 


  • As for any online market, you can modify the list of products offered when launching and while the online market is open. Just make sure you update your members whenever some product are taken out or new products are added to the special Christmas pre-order online market.


How can I avoid that members place an order in the wrong online market?


  • In order to avoid such mistakes the special Christmas pre-order online market will have a special header. You will have 2 online market live at the same time, but each header will clearly state the day of the collection (See below).


  • Of course, if one of your members have made a mistake make sure that you contact support (support@foodassembly.com) as quickly as possible in order to cancel the order.


Is it possible to launch two Christmas pre-order online markets?


No. Since there will already be two online markets displayed in your Food Assembly most of the time, we decided not to allow a third one to appear to avoid extra confusion. This is the first time we are testing such a feature and we wish it to be as straight forward and clear as possible for your members.


Is it possible to modify the date of the special collection?


If you made a mistake or wish to modify the date of your special collection simply send an email to the team and we’ll arrange this for you.

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