Special Christmas 'Pre-order' Collection Tutorial

Felix Letellier Merida -

You would like to offer some special Christmas products in advance to your members?


Here is everything you need to know:


From the 15/11/2016 to the 20/12/2016, you will be able to prepare and launch a “pre-order online market”.

The collection for this special online market will take place between the 12/12/2016 and 24/12/2016.

The maximum time the online market will be open for is 39 days – i.e. if you open it on the 15/11 for a collection on the 24/12.


How to set up this special pre-order online market


  • In your Collections section, you will be able to toggle one future collection with the “Make this collection a pre-order online market” (see below).


  • Once the collection is toggled with the special pre-order option, you will then be able to launch the online market in advance for the selected date. As usual, an email with the launch message will be sent to your members.


  • Make sure you have selected the correct collection date. Once the market has been launched you can only modify the date by contacting the Food Assembly team.


  • Everything else is the same, the only difference is that the special market lasts longer. Encourage your members to place their orders as soon as possible,  Christmas products can be sold out very quickly!


  • Of course, you can add or delete some products from the Christmas pre-order online market. Make sure your producer let you know if they have any products they wish to take off early for preparation purposes. Ideally this would be stated in the product description too.


For more information on the Christmas Pre-Order Online Market click here.

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