How do I set my minimum order per Assembly?

Felix Letellier Merida -

You have the option to set an overall minimum order amount for each collection at any Assembly. This can differ at each Assembly.

The minimum order feature has been designed to avoid you making a loss. The minimum order amount you determine should factor in all your costs (including delivery and time at the Assembly), so that if it is reached, you're obliged to come and hand out your products.

Of course using this feature is optional, especially when you first start selling at an Assembly. You might want to hold off from using this feature in the first month or so to give the Assembly a chance to grow

In order to set the minimum order amount click on 'Assemblies' in the column on the left side of the screen. You can join and leave Assemblies as a supplier in this section as well as set a minimum order amount for each Assembly.

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