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Felix Letellier Merida -

1) New "My Legal Documents" page

What has changed?


  • The design has been changed and improved: On the top left of the page, we have added a summary box that will let you know what is missing in terms of legal documents.


  • You can now upload multiple files for one type of document: For instance if you have several documents from HMRC proving that you are registered as Sole Trader, you can upload all of them under the same category.


  • In the situation where a document has not been validated, your coordinator will let you now which documents needs to be replaced and why.


2) Additional information required

Why am I now asked to fill in the information on my "Date of birth" and "Nationality"?

Our payment service provider requires to identify our hosts in order to send and receive money on their account.

Direct selling between the member and producers is one of the core values of our platform. In order for this to happen, every user has a electronic wallet through which the amounts paid and received will transit.


For instance, when a member pays online:

  • The amount is first added on the member's own electronic wallet.
  • When the host confirms the collection, this amount will then be transferred to the electronic wallet of each concerned producer.
  • Finally, the commission is transferred from the producers electronic wallet to the host's and our as The Food Assembly.


Thus, in order to guarantee the identity of each user attached to a electronic wallet, we need you to provide us with your date of birth and nationality.


You can provide the information in different places on the platform:

  • When signing up as a producer in the registration process.
  • If the information has not yet been provided, a pop-up window will appear when login onto your account.

You can at all time fill in the information in the section "Company Profile".


3) Legal Representative

What is the "Legal Representative" under the "My Company Profile" page?

In the same required need to identify electronic wallet users, we need to have in hand information (full name, date of birth, nationality, email and address) of the legal representative of the legal structure (i.e. Sole Trader or Partnership) behind your host activity.

If the legal representative is the same as the user of the account, you simply need to tick a box.

If this information has not been already filled in, a pop-up window will be displayed on your account in order for you to completed it.



4) Transfer remittance information shown on your bank account

Why has the transfer remittance information that appears for each Food Assembly payment changed?

The change to a new payment service provider has made that the transfer remittance information is now different.

In most cases, it will appear has "Food Assembly by MangoPay" but it could be slightly different depending on your bank.


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