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Felix Letellier Merida -

We have been collecting your feedback on the website navigation. Today, we offer you an improved version – more organised with a clearer display, as well as faster, and better adapted to mobile and tablet devices.

How is the new navigation organised ?


  1. The desktop version
  • On the top header, you will access all the information regarding your Account. This will give you an easy access to your Basket, Messages and the Help and Support.


  • By clicking on the top left drop down menu you will be able to change your type of accounts – either your Host account or the different Member account you might have with other Assemblies.


  • The side bar that appears on the left will adapt itself to the Assembly you have selected when browsing as a Member.


  • If you experience any difficulties with the display of this navigation, you can find a tutorial by clicking on the Support & Help tab


In order to post a “Discussion” message in your Assembly, you need to write your message on the Assembly Homepage directly.


2. The mobile version

  • On the bottom of your phone’s screen, the "More" menu will allow you to switch from your Host account to your possible different Member accounts.



  • Depending on which account you have selected, the bottom navigation bar will adapt itself. The My Assembly icon allows you to access your Assembly’s homepage as well as your Producers, Members and Assembly Settings.

  • Of course, you have a direct access to your Collections and Basket.




 If you have any doubts on how to use the app when you have selected your Members account, here is the tutorial. 

If you are using a phone that runs on Android, you are able to create a link of our mobile website on their phone's homepage. Here is a how to do it on Android.

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