How do I manage my stock?

Felix Letellier Merida -

In order to add a ‘limited stock’ to one of your offers, click on your Product Catalogue and then on the “Details” button underneath the product name.

All product stocks are by default marked as ‘unlimited’.

To enter a specific number of units for sale, you must click on the button that says "Unlimited".


In the field displayed, specify the number of units available in your stock and click “Update Stock Levels”.

To view the status of your stock any time after updating this, simply click on the “Stock” button, then click on "See Details".


Your stock of available products can be described as follows: 

  • The "Current stock level": the number of product offers available that have not been sold at any Assembly yet.

  • Stock "Sold": This is the stock that was actually ordered and paid by Assembly customers.

  • The “Stock Available”: This is equal to the Current Stock - Sold Stock

Please note that the available stock is calculated based on each offer and not each product. So  make sure that you input the correct number of stock based on each offer (e.g. if you have a loaf of bread of 600 g for £2 and another of 800g for £3, they should each have individual offers and also individual stocks.

Do you want to evenly distribute your limited stock between your different Assemblies throughout the week?

Click here to find out how to set a maximum number of orders per Assembly per distribution.



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