How do I preset my participation in upcoming collections?

Felix Letellier Merida -

As a producer, you have access to a calendar of all upcoming collections, where you can indicate whether you are able to take part or not.

If you supply the Assembly on a weekly basis, this can be useful for making yourself unavailable if you go on a holiday for example. 

If you don't supply the Assembly every week, eg. once a month, we especially recommend you to use this feature so that the Host can only include you in the sales on the date that you are actually available. 

To view this calendar, log into your producer account and click on the "Collections" tab  on the left side of your screen.



Click on the "Upcoming Sales" link on the top right side of the page, where you can access the calendar of all scheduled collections.



You can change your availability for a collection by clicking on the "Available" or "Unavailable" buttons on the right of each collection.

You can also choose to not take part in any collections taking place on the same date by clicking on the “Make this day unavailable” link.


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