FAQ about the app

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FAQ about the App


  • Why is your app only available on iOS?

The iPhone is the most commonly used smartphone by our Members.

  • Has an Android app been planned?

An Android app is being planned. In the meantime, to take advantage of the mobile version, Android users can create a link of our mobile website on their phone's homepage. Here is a how to do it on Android.


  • iPad Version?

An iPad version will be developed and it's in our long-term plans.


  • What is the difference between the app and the webpage?

The iPhone app offers a better experience to members: it is easier to use and reacts faster. Its notification system allows users to know whenever a new Online Market has launched. As well, the order summary is available directly from the app, so no need to print the pdf before heading to the Collection.


  • Why create an app only for Members ? What about Hosts and Producers?

We started by creating an app only for Members as it will allow our users to purchase fresh local food. Of course, our tech team is already thinking of developing an app that will be for Hosts and Producers... So keep an eye out, more to come soon!

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