How do payments get debited from my account?

Felix Letellier Merida -

The Food Assembly works with MangoPay in order to proceed to secured online payments. This payment service provider is authorised and supervised by the Financial Sector Surveillance Commission (CSSF), which oversees the stability of the financial system and the protection of users' data.

In our payment system, as soon as you place an order your account will be debited. After you have come and pick up your products, it may be possible that some of them were missing because a producer forgot about them or he/she was unable to come. In that case, the Host will notify the internal system and as soon as he validates the different undelivered products, a refunds for that amount will be re-credited to your credit card within 10-15 days.

When an amount is debited on your account, the transactions information should look like the picture below. LA RUCHE shown on the transaction is the name of our French mother company that looks after the payment system with MangoPay (MGP) and centralises the payment system for all Food Assemblies in Europe


If unfortunately you have placed twice an order, you will  be charged twice on the same day. Please let your Host or send an email to, so we can cancel one of your orders and as previously explained, you will receive a refund 10-15 days post the validation of the Collection.

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