The Assembly I contacted already has a supplier of my category, why can’t I join?

Felix Letellier Merida -

Typically, an Assembly starts with one producer in each food category and only opens up to new producers in an existing category if the Assembly has grown considerably and the competition between producers would be healthy.

Having multiple producers offering the same products and competing on a relatively small customer base would not be beneficial to anyone and would run the risk that it becomes financially unviable for all concerned suppliers. Supplying a Food Assembly means delivering the orders to the Assembly every week and staying there during the 2 hour collection. Therefore, a producer needs a sufficient amount of orders to make it feasible for them to come.

The Food Assembly does not have an interest in producers running monopolies and we are happy to take on several producers offering similar products provided that there is sufficient demand, ie. the Assembly has enough customers to buy from different producers.



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