Do I need to come to each Collection?

Felix Letellier Merida -

You should come to each Collection you participate in, provided that your minimum order has been met.

At the core of our model is the direct relationship between producer and customer. Customers don't just love being able to buy directly from you, but they also appreciate the chance to meet you and learn more about their food and the people behind it!  This is what really motivates them to buy and return. Meeting the customers can also be fun and a good opportunity for you to get feedback from the people you feed! It is also what makes the Food Assembly unique and distinguishes us from other online market models. So all in all, it is an essential ingredient in this retail recipe, and one that is outlined in more detail in our public Network Agreement.

Minimum orders

Our minimum order feature has been designed to avoid you making a loss. The minimum order amount you determine should factor in all your costs (including delivery and time at the Assembly), so that if it is reached, you're obliged to come and hand out your products.

When a minimum order has been met

If your minimum order has been met, you or a trained representative are obliged to deliver the orders and remain for the collection. In unusual circumstances, if you/your staff are one day unable to stay around you can ask the Host to step in as a last resort.

Sharing logistics with other producers

Why not consider sharing logistics with a fellow producers?  One week you could hand out someone else products and the next week they do that for you. And if you supply various Assemblies in one evening, you could meet beforehand and take each other's orders to different Assemblies.

When a minimum order hasn't been met

In this case, you are not expected to deliver your orders. If you decide not to come, orders will be cancelled and customers will receive a notification.  If you decide to deliver anyway and just drop off your products, this is absolutely fine provided the products are clearly labelled and in a cool box (if applicable).

Overall we highly encourage you to come and meet your customers as much as you can! And if you can't make it one day to communicate this to your Host and try to find a solution. Our customers should have the chance to meet you at least once a month.

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