1. How do I add and delete a product?

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How do I add a product?


In the "Products" section click on "Catalogue" and "Add a Product". You’ll be redirected to a page where you determine the "product type" you wish to add. You can either type in the product type (i.e. carrots, minced beef etc.) or search within a list. It might be possible that the product type you are looking for is not recognised by the search bar so in this case have a look at the list provided.




Bear in mind that these are broad product 'types' so don’t worry if you cannot find the exact category on our list, you will be able to name your product in the next step. If you can't find any suitable product type, email us for support (support@foodassembly.com) and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.




Or search for the correct product type within a list:






Once you have chosen a product type you will need to provide some more information on the product you’re offering: a product name, a picture,  relevant labels or certifications, the guaranteed shelf life, the freshness (i.e. delivered 2 days after harvesting) and finally write a good product description!







Ingredients and allergens

Describe your product as accurately as possible and list all ingredients and mark allergens with a star. You can also indicate here that your products are gluten-free or cater for any other dietary requirements. If you offer a few products, which have been grown or made by a fellow producer please list the source producer.

Food Assembly Members love us for the transparency we offer. They want to know where their food comes from, what’s in it and where the ingredients are sourced. Customers love it when producers offer as much information on this as possible in the product description.

Note that EU Food Information Regulation 1169/2011 now makes it mandatory to display a list of ingredients when selling online as well as to mark all allergens (eg. with a star).

You can find a list of all allergens to be marked here.


Check out E5 Bakehouse’s exemplary ingredient and allergen list below!



Advice on preparation can be very useful – why not add a link to a mouth-watering recipe too? Members will be inspired to buy your produce if you can offer them ways to cook it, so recipes are a big plus.

After you have filled in all this information, your product has been created! Next you need to determine the 'offers' you will make for this product here.



How do I delete a product? 

To delete a product you will need to click on your product details in the catalogue section and go to the third tab called 'Offer'.

You can only get to the 'Offer' tab when you have clicked 'confirm' on the 'Product' tab and have 'save' on the 'Details' tab. On the 'Details' tab you are required to enter values for 'guaranteed shelf life' and 'description' to be able to save. 




Once in the 'Offer' tab you need to set all offers to 'not available' - a delete option will appear.



Once you have gone ahead and deleted all of the offers, the option to 'Remove product' will appear: 





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