My minimum order hasn't been met. What now?

Felix Letellier Merida -

Once the Online Market has closed  ( approx. 35 hours before the Collection) you will get an email informing you of whether you have reached your minimum order or not.

When you then login to your account you will be able to see all orders that have been placed. You need to click on 'Collections' in the main menu (on the left hand side of the screen) and then Ongoing Sales.

In the case that your minimum order amount has not been met, you can then still decide whether you want to deliver anyway by simply clicking the ‘Deliver anyway’ or not deliver by clicking 'Don't deliver'.

As most Online Markets close at night, please try to check this and make a decision as early as possible on the next day because the Host will be waiting to hear back from you before they can confirm the orders.

If you never ever want to deliver unless your minimum order is reached please communicate this to your Host so they won't wait to hear from you.

If you decide not to deliver, your orders will be cancelled and customers will receive a notification and a refund.

If you have some kind of arrangement with your Host or another farmer to always get your orders delivered even if the minimum has not been reached it might make more sense to just take off the minimum order amount.

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