When I pay for my order, who gets paid what?

Felix Letellier Merida -

As Transparency is one the pillars of our model, it is essential to us that our Member know where the money for each order is going to.

When an order is placed, the Producers will receive 100% of the revenue made from their sales. After each sale, they then need to pay a 16.70% (excluding VAT) commission fee. Half of this fee (8.35% excluding VAT) will go to the local Host, for his hard work in coordinating the community, the online market and collections.

The other half will go to The Food Assembly, for the maintenance cost of the platform, paying the employees looking after the network  and insuring that new features and improvement are added to the website.

In other words, the Producers receives 83.30% (excluding VAT) of each sale made through the website.

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