How do I track the progress of my sales and where are my invoices?

Felix Letellier Merida -

You can track your sales by clicking on the 'Collections' tab on the left hand bar on your screen.


In this window, you can see 4 different tabs on the upper right hand side of the screen.

The 'Ongoing sales' page gives you an overview of all online markets (open and finalised), categorised by date.  The page also allows you to track how your sales are going - how many orders have been placed already and how far you are from reaching your minimum order requirement.


You can access a summary of all the orders for a particular day across all Assemblies by clicking on 'Download the documents...'. You can then select which format you'd like to get this in, choosing between Excel, PDF or CSV formats. 


The 'See details' button gives you access to all orders placed for a particular Assembly and you can select which format you wish to download this in by clicking on the '.pdf' button, as before.

In the case of any unexpected events which change your ability to deliver, you can cancel the sale of a product - the orders for this will not be taken into account and the product sale will be stopped.


You can find your invoices in the 'Previous Collections' section on the top right bar.


If you click on 'Previous collections', you'll see a summary of all collections that already happened, arranged by date. First, click on the drop down arrow to see the invoices for a specific day. Clicking on 'Download invoices' will open a PDF document with all the sales for a particular day and the specific Assembly you clicked on.


Finally, the 'Accounting Documents' section allows you to download more detailed accounting  documents, eg. sales per quarter.


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