How do I sign up as a producer?

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How do I sign up?

You can sign up as a producer here or via our website:


If you already have a member account, all you need to do is login and click on the little arrow on the top left hand side of your screen and ‘Open a Producer Account’. You probably want to avoid having to separate accounts running on separate email addresses.


What information do I need to provide?

We’ll need the following information for each of these sections:

  • Profile
  • Profile photos
  • Delivery Availability
  • Company or Organisation Information
  • Legal Documents

Once you're logged into your producer account the Producer Folder can be found on the top left side of your screen.

It is important to get all pieces of information required for each page ready in one go, as you cannot save a page without all the information being complete within it.  Below is an overview of what you’ll have to gather. Once you have all info ready it then shouldn’t take longer than 20 minutes to register.


Profile and profile photos

To complete this page you need to provide:

  • Profile: address, profession, description of your farm or workshop (please say something about your farming/ production method and sourcing practice in here).
  • Profile photos: There are two pictures to upload.

Hot Tips

Your profile:

Have you won a Local Food Award? Do you only feed pasture to your cattle? Do you make your cheese in an 100 year old copper vat? Or do you source all your quiche ingredients from other Food Assembly producers?

Customers want to know what’s special about you! Don’t hold back on telling them what makes you unique, how you raise your animals or make your products; customers will be even more thrilled to buy from you!

So make the description of your farm or food business as interesting and informative as possible and include links to your own website, facebook and twitter pages. We recommend a description of 15 - 30 lines.


Your profile photos:

There are two pictures to upload! The first is a square profile picture and the second is a rectangular background picture for your product catalogue page.

We recommend using a picture of your farm or your logo as the background picture. Customers love to see a face behind the product! The background picture’s ideal size is 1080 x 400, whereas the profile picture should be as square as possible.



Delivery Availability

Please indicate when you are available to deliver to Assemblies. This page is on your Producer Folder page alongside the link to your profile. 


Company/Organisation Information and Legal Documents

  • Company or Organisation Information: company address, legal status and company number or UTR (in case you’re a sole trader/ partnership), international bank details (IBAN & BIC). It is important to fill these in first in order for your legal documents to be adapted accordingly.
  • Legal Documents:  Once you have chosen a profession and company type the legal documents required from you will be listed in this section. If anything is unclear don't hesitate to get in touch with Laura.


When you have completed your Producer Folder and one first product catalogue entry please email, so she can validate your producer profile and you can connect with your local Assembly.

If you don't want to wait until your legal documents have been validated to start building your Product Catalogue email 

For more details and an overview of the documents you may be asked to provide please click here.


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