2. How do I create and edit an offer?

Felix Letellier Merida -

Once you have added a product you can create various offers. If your product comes in different sizes you don’t have to add a new product for each size but just add multiple offers in this section.




Click ‘Add an offer’ and a pop- up window will appear on your screen.




This is where you save your offer details. You can change the automatically generated reference number if you like. If you want to sell by unit please make sure to input a number only, ie. 2 leeks input ‘2’ . If you input anything other than a number in the unit field the offer will not save.

Depending on your product type, the weight will appear in g or ml. With some product types, such as meat, you will be able to indicate a weight range. Please try to indicate your weight as exact as possible. For some product types (eg. cucumber) you won’t have to list the weight but the unit only. If you’re unhappy with the weight type let us know or try a different product category

Make the offer ‘ Available’ and then click  ‘Add this offer’. Once your offer is saved you will be able to edit your stock and determine the Assemblies you would like to offer your product to.

If you would like to edit the weight, you need to create a new offer (and delete the old one, by making it unavailable first).

Try and get feedback from the Members and the Host on which sizes and prices work best and how you can best adapt your offers.

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