How are payments made at The Food Assembly?

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In regards to its payment system, The Food Assembly decided to work with MangoPay as their payment service provider. Since The Food Assembly does not keep any information regarding payment details, we decided to use MangoPay's services because they are very well recognised for their high standard and viability in terms of payment security.

Good to know: When you are visiting a website, most web browsers will show a small lock to let you know that this website is secure (usually the lock appears in the search bar but this can change depending the browser used). As well, if the URL starts with https (and not http) this a sign that the website has certified security for their users (as shown below).


Step by step explanation of our payment system:

When you confirm your basket for the first time, the following page will appear.


As soon as you fill all the require information and agree with the terms and conditions, the "Continue" button will turn a lighter green allowing to go to the next step: the payment page. 

If you look at the URL you will see that the connection is secure and that this page has all the valid security certificates to ensure the highest security measures have been applied. 

When you finished filling in all the information from your bank card, you can tick on "Save this card for future purchases" in order to have all the details (except the CVV number) already filled in, making  the payment process much quicker.

You can then click on the green "Pay £XX.XX" button and your account will debited by that amount.

What happens next? 

As soon as the amount is debited, it will stored in your electronic wallet until your Food Assembly hosts confirms the collection allowing the system to know if they were any missing or undelivered products that should be refunded to you. Click here to see how it will appear on your bank statement.

Just after you pay for your order, you will receive an email confirming that the payment was well received. The day previous to the collection, you should receive another email confirming your order number and the list of products you will collect.

Here's an example:

If the collection you will be going to is on a Saturday and you place an order on Thursday, your account will be debited on Thursday. You receive a payment confirmation email that same day, but on Friday you will receive your order summary that will allow you to go on Saturday with the list of all your products in hand.

If some of your products have not been delivered, make sure the Food Assembly hosts is aware of it as soon as possible. The amount of the refund should then reach your account within the next 5 days.




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