How do payments work?

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How does the payment system work?

We work with a Payment Service Provider (PSP) called Mangopay, who handles payments for us.

It's simple: when customers place an order, they are charged straight away. The money is then transferred and kept in an electronic wallet until orders are delivered. When the Host then validates the collection all payments are sent to you by bank transfer and will reach your account after 3-5 days. In very rare cases this can take up to 10 days. Watch out for the sender name LARUCHE Mangopay on your account.

This system ensures you are paid without having to manage financial transactions yourself.  If an unpredictable event prevents you from delivering your products as planned, you don't have to deal with reimbursements either.

Why do payments come from abroad?

Whilst The Food Assembly is a local initiative where 90 pence of every £1 goes straight into the local economy it is are also part of a European network. We now have branches in 9 European countries, all sharing the same website and using the same payment service provider (psp).

Mangopay is based in Luxembourg and it is one of the most progressive and leading psps in Europe. They are well known in collaborative economy circles. You can read more about them here.

How does the invoicing part work?

Our system  automatically generates invoices for your sales, which you can find in the 'Archives' tab of the sales section- a service that facilitates accounting for you.

After each Collection, your invoices are updated. A sales invoice consists of three parts:  an invoice from you to your customers for what they've ordered, an invoice from the Assembly Host to you and an invoice from The Food Assembly to you.

Who earns what? 

The local Assembly coordinator, or Host, who manages the weekly collections and Member community earns 10% of the sales excluding VAT.

The Food Assembly company,  which provides the online platform,  technical support and Host training  also earns 10% of the sales excluding VAT.

Compared to the conventional supermarket model with margins of 40-50% this is a very small margin.  Our main goal is to support small to medium scale producers and sustainable agriculture, so we are determine to keep it that way.

How do I calculate the price of my products for Assemblies?

With this excel table, you can calculate the amount you’ll receive by setting the final sales price or the other way around.

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