How do I sell at an Assembly?

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Provided you have joined an Assembly as a supplier (how to join) you can start selling as soon as the first online market launches. You can also join in later at any time.

How do I offer my products to an Assembly?

Once you have joined an Assembly and have made your products 'available’ to that Assembly when creating the product catalogue, your products will automatically be ‘available’ for the Assembly Host to include into the next online market.

Hosts can ‘curate’ each week’s offer and make a selection of products to be included in the online market.

In the ‘Product Catalogue’ overview you can choose the Assemblies you’d like to supply your products to for each product. The default setting is always 'all Assemblies' you supply.


In the ‘next collections’ tab under the ‘Sales’ section you can choose the collections you would like to participate in. This section can be used as a calendar in which you can pre-plan your participation in collections to various Assemblies as far in advance as you wish.

If you have made your product’ unavailable’ for a certain collection date and Assembly, the Host will not be able to offer any of your products.


The Online Market Cycle

The Online Market (sale) starts when the Assembly Host launches it. It can be launched 14 - 4 days before the collection happens.

Usually it is launched a week before the collection day: if the collection happens every Tuesday evening, the online market is ideally launched on the previous Tuesday morning and closes around 2am on the morning of the day before the collection (Monday morning at 2am in our example).

This gives our Members 6 days to do their shopping and  leaves you with around 35 hours to prepare your orders until the collection on Tuesday evening. All Hosts are told to launch the new Market  a day after they validate the previous collection to ensure the gap between two markets is kept at a minimum. The day between the closure of a market and the opening of a new market is for you to adapt your product range, eg. add any new products.

Changing/Adding to your Product Offer

Ideally you add new products and flavours in the day when the market is closed. If you add new additions to your catalogue when the market is ongoing you will need to let your Host know so that he/ she can include them.

You can change the maximum stock or offers (price/ weight) of your products at any time. You can also remove products at any time. If an online market is ongoing and you have already sold that product you will be asked whether you want to keep the orders placed so far or cancel them.





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