4. What quantity at which price?

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How are the prices of products decided?

You decide the price of your products when you create an offer.

When determining the price, take into account all costs that will incur to you; transportation cost, your time at the collection handing out your products, Host Brokerage (8.35% of the price if the Host is not charging a 20% VAT rate on their fee), The Food Assembly brokerage fee( 8,35% + 20% VAT rate applied) etc. We have created an excel spreadsheet for you to calculate the sales price which you can download at the bottom of the page.

Offering the right products at the right price.

It is important that you offer products that are in demand and that meet your customers' expectations. The Food Assembly is a transparent tool and any criticism or negative feedback from a Member is likely to be known by other Members - whether it is through word of mouth,  the website, through emails or through the Assembly Host whose responsibility includes quality assurance of the products offered.

A good price needs to be fair for clients, just as it should be fair for you. A good price would be similar to a farmer’s market price. A very good price would be slightly lower. Bare in mind that there are all sorts of shoppers at Food Assemblies: young professionals, families, couples, students, people that are well off but also people with lower incomes.

At The Food Assembly we’d like to enable all of them to buy food supplies for the whole week. Customers don't come to the Food Assembly for a little "extra" once in a while. They come because they want to replace their weekly shop with a fairer, more ethical and local option. As such, they want to find everyday products! Bread, dairy, meat, fruit and veg, wine... A good price builds customer loyalty and attracts new customers so it's beneficial for everyone!

I'm selling a product where an exact weight is difficult to determine : how do I create an offer?

On products such as meat or fish, where it is difficult to determine an exact weight, you’ll be able to use a weight span. For instance, if it is impossible for you to cut a 200 gr steak , you can use a weight span of 190gr - 210gr. This is to ensure that customers understand the weight might vary slightly. We recommend keeping these spans as small as possible, but of course you are in the best position to decide which weight span makes sense.

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