6. How do I manage my stock?

Felix Letellier Merida -

It is possible to adjust the stock of your products within the 'products' section of your account. You can manage every offer within a product, as well as set different stock levels for each collection.

'Products" is divided into two sections: 'Stock' and 'Catalogue'. Under 'Catalogue' you can manage the product-details, like offers, name, price etc. . Under 'Stock' you can manage the availability of each offer for each collection. For better usability you can choose to only show products that are out of stock. 


To adjust what you want to sell in each assembly, use the arrow next to the product name and select the assemblies you want to supply with this product.






By clicking the arrows next to the offers you can adjust the total stock of each offer. To adjust the quantity which is available for each collection, choose 'Limits', update the settings and save.







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