Who are Mangopay?

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Whilst The Food Assembly is a local initiative, it is are also part of a European network. We now have branches in 8 other European countries, all sharing the same website and using the same payment service provider (PSP).

Our PSP Mangopay is based in Luxembourg and it is one of the most progressive and leading PSPs in Europe. They also work with various crowdfunding platform and are well known in collaborative economy circles. You can read more about them here.

Every producer and local organiser will have an e-wallet created with MangoPay in order to receive payments / commission. All electronic money issuers are legally obliged to hold certain documentation of their customer’s / e-wallet holders in order to fight fraud, money laundering and financing of terrorism. Hence we ask you to upload a scan or photo of an ID (valid driver’s licence or passport) a bank statement and proof of legal status.

The reason we ask you to save your IBAN is because this is the information MangoPay will use to make payments. However, all payments will be sent as UK payments and will not be charged.



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