How to pay my order with my account credit

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How to pay with your Credit?

What is Credit?

The Credit is a reserve of money available on your account allowing you to pay all or part of your orders on the Food Assembly website. It can be used in all the Assemblies you have joined, with no expiry date.


How do I know my credit balance?

Your available balance is visible on the My Account page  in the Credit tab : 



How to pay with my Credit?

You can pay with your Credit from the payment page.

  • If the balance of your Credit is sufficient to pay your order:
    You will then be able to fully pay your order with your Credit, the box " Use my Credit " being checked by default.


  • If you do not wish to pay with your Credit and use a standard method of payment , you can simply uncheck the " Use my Credit " box.

  • If the balance of your Credit is not sufficient to pay your order: 
    You will then have to use the traditional method of payment (credit card) in order to complete the amount of your order.

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