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This feature enables producers to talk more about how they grow, catch, bake and make their food. The aim is to offer more information and transparency to your Food Assembly customers and organisers.

How can I update my profile with more info on how I make my products?

Go to your Producer Folder and you will see the section Professions and Practises. Through this section, you will be able to fill out a questionnaire linked to every profession you have selected in your Producer Profile, for example, butcher, baker etc. Fill out the questionnaire and save your answers at the bottom of the page.

To see this information, return to your public profile. You can access it from your producer folder, via the button at the top right.




The information you have entered is visible to everyone: hosts, other producers and, of course, members. You can modify your answers at any time.

Why did we create this new feature?

Transparency is one of the foundations of the Food Assembly network. It provides important information to Food Assembly organisers and members so that they can learn more about how their food has been sourced. This transparency also allows you to promote your values, to give a better understanding of what you do, and to justify your prices.


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