3. How do I create an attractive offer?

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Your product catalogue is your first point of contact with Members. So it’s essential that your product descriptions are mouthwatering and make Members want to order!

There are our top tips for making an attractive offer: 

# 1 Product name

It is important to give a clear and attractive name to your products! This is the first thing members see when they browse the online market catalogue. The product name should be concise and clear so that members can see at first glance what the product it is.  



# 2 Complete product descriptions:

Try to describe a product as accurate as possible, finding the balance between providing detail but also keeping it relatively simple and short.   Get inspired by Oakcroft Organics creative descriptions and beautiful photos. Why not add a link to a mouth-watering recipe too?

Screen_Shot_2017-04-25_at_13.18.17.png Screen_Shot_2017-04-25_at_13.18.02.png


# 3 Product pictures

We recommend that you photograph your own products in the state customers will receive them in and with a light background and natural look. You can take a photo that gives an idea of the amount that members will receive in their basket (e.g. 1kg carrots = 10 carrots).




# 4 Offer transparency and traceability

Food Assembly Members love us for the transparency we offer. They want to know where their food comes from, what’s in it and where the ingredients are sourced. Customers love it when producers offer as much information on this as possible in the product description.

Note that EU Food Information Regulation 1169/2011 now makes it mandatory to display a list of ingredients when selling online as well as to mark all allergens (eg. with a star).

You can find a list of all allergens to be marked here.

Check out E5 Bakehouse’s exemplary ingredient and allergen list below!



# 5 Clear and specific offers

If you offer different flavours, create separate product entries for them. Within one entry you can then have various offers of differing sizes/ weights. See bread exemple above.

Ensure that it is clear what your offer entails. The predetermined weight units are not always sufficient to do so. ie. if you offer a mixed product box consisting of 5 different products all packaged in different sizes, it is best to clarify this in the product description and on the picture.



If you offer a mix and match offer, ask your customers to email you their preferred choice.



If you offer a workshop or an event on a specific date, it is best to make this clear in the product title. eg. Dairy Visit and Cheese Tasting.







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