How to cancel the orders of a certain product?

Felix Letellier Merida -

It is possible to cancel orders until the collection is opened by the host - i.e. while the online market is ongoing.

To stop the sale of a product or cancel confirmed orders, follow these steps:

- Log in to your producer account.

- Click on "Products" in the menu on the left.

- Select the offer whose sale you want to stop and indicate that it is now "Not available".




In case an order has already been placed during an ongoing online market, a pop-up will appear and ask you which order(s) you wish to cancel. Simply select a reason for the cancellation and confirm it.




The bottom left button will be updated with the number of orders you wish to cancel. Once you have given a reason for the cancellation you will be able to confirm them.


The cancellation information and reason will then be shared with the concerned members and hosts.


  • Members: Via the order summary and the order confirmation email
  • Host: Via the collection and producer order summary


You will also find the list of cancelled items on your collection order summaries.

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