Reasons for undelivered products

Felix Letellier Merida -

When confirming the collection, the Food Assembly organiser must give a reason of why some products were not delivered. A list of pre-defined reasons will be available and the host simply needs to pick one reason for each product.

When the collection is confirmed, the host will see a summary of all the reasons in a pop-up.
Sharing the information with Members
The reason for non-delivery is then shared with the concerned members. This information will appear in the email sent to confirm that a refund has been credited to his account.
Sharing the information with Producers
The Producers are now able to see through their account a detailed summary of undelivered products and how these missing orders have impacted their sales. They can download an XLS containing all the undelivered products per day, with the reasons given by each host.
To learn more about the cancellation of the order on the Producer side, you can consult the dedicated article
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