Presence & delivery tool: How does it work?

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The producer Presence & Delivery tool enables you to indicate when you are present for Food Assembly collections. It also enables you to give or receive support for delivering your products to a Food Assembly.

What’s new?

The Food Assembly has developed a new tool to support producers improve the efficiency of their deliveries. When producers combine their product orders and manage to deliver products to a Food Assembly using a single mode of transport, the time and cost of the transport can be reduced. Also, it’s better for the environment!


How can it help me?

For producers, this means if you are unable to stay at a collection, another producer can handover your products to your customers with easy access to an order summary. You can also build relationships with your fellow producers and find a way to share the delivery costs which will make supplying multiple Assemblies easier – and cost efficient!

What’s changed on the website?

When you login, you will see a ‘Delivery Updates’ section. This shows the requests by the producers who’ve asked you to deliver their products and vice versa.


How does the tool work?

As soon as a Food Assembly organiser has selected at least 1 of your products in the sale, you can use the Producer Presence & Delivery tool.


This means you can now ask a fellow producer to deliver and/or handover your products.


We advise you to take part as quickly as you can as this supports the overall organisation of a Food Assembly collection for everyone. You can use the Presence & Delivery Tool in three of your account pages: Delivery Updates, Ongoing Sales, and Upcoming Sales.

How can I tell people I will deliver and handover products at a Food Assembly?


In either Upcoming pages, let other producers know by clicking on the link "I will be attending". It is important to note that if you say ‘I will attending’, you are automatically signalling to producers you are available to support their delivery and handover of their products.


Once you notified the system that you will be attending the collection, any producer that will take part in the collection will be able to choose you to deliver their products.


Make sure to regularly visit the Delivery Updates page to monitor the number of producers that have handed over their products to you.


In your Delivery Update section, you can accept to deliver a producer’s products, you can start preparing for a Food Assembly and download your new ‘mutualised order summary’. This summarises your orders and those of the producers you represent.


As soon you as you make yourself available at the collection, you will see in your update delivery section, the producers who’ve requested your support. You can decline, but remember, you have automatically made yourself available by announcing your attendance.


How can I ask producers to handover and deliver my products?


The list of producers who have put their products on sale are displayed in the Ongoing and Upcoming Sales sections. For each producer, you will find their contact details and postcode.


The handover information will then appear on both that producer’s calendar and the host calendar as well, don’t forget to your Deliver Update section too.


If you cannot attend a Food Assembly collection, click on the "Handover orders to ..." link. You can choose fellow producers who have already indicated they are present or those that are yet to indicate this.

What if I change my mind and am unable to deliver and handover a producer’s products?


Go to your Delivery Update section and click on ‘Can’t deliver anymore’. This will bring you to the Upcoming Sales page, where you can change the status.



You can refuse to help producers with delivery at any time. We advise not to leave this till the last moment. Giving more time to producers means they can organise themselves.


Don’t forget when you say you will be ‘attending a collection’, it means you are automatically making yourself available to other producers.

How can I support a producer with delivery of their products?


In order to offer your help to other producers, first set yourself as “I will be attending”.

Then producers can see you are available, and request your support.


Click on ‘See detail’ to find the order form by Food Assembly.


What if I want to deliver my products without staying at a Food Assembly collection?
No problem, simply let you Food Assembly know, and set yourself as not attending.


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