How local are the products?

Felix Letellier Merida -

All food offered at Food Assemblies will come from producers from within a 29 mile radius on average. The maximum distance between a producer and the Assembly is 150 miles.

This includes products using non-local ingredients, provided that value has been added by a local producer. Examples include locally roasted coffee or locally brewed ginger beer. 

We would also like to offer you a few staples that cannot be grown locally and don't directly compete with anything grown in this country. These include olive oil, spices, pulses, beans and rice as well as European wines.

Rather than you having to get these staples from supermarkets which hog the profit, we'd like to offer a more ethical outlet for these products,  ensuring the money reaches the pockets of the source producers. We do that by working with local and ethical fair trade importers, keeping the supply chains as short as possible. Our aim remains to support small scale producers and provide as much transparency and traceability to customers as possible.

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